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Kevin ( cassie) sent me these pics today of skye. she's looking really well mate


I've just been sent these pictures of chester the parkstone buttons look-a-like he's looking well

thanks Mark and tracey for sending me the pictures

Pennymeadow Whippets said:
Great looking pup Mally will this one be running with the Lancashire PWRC
i think so jeff, i gave them all the details last night and they seemed really keen. You may see him after xmas along with teya and tilly

mark might get the beers in then, :- " either that or he'll do a runner :rant:
I got the beers in mate but you were noware to be seen? your disapearance had nothing to do with the hen party in the other bar did it :eek:
thought you would like to see how tilly is looking, took these pics a week ago at my brother in laws, he shows and breeds westies.

:wub: She"s looking fantastic Mally reminds me of Meg (Parkstone True Blue).
Tilly is looking great Mally you & goodasgold will have to bring them pups over here to the Lancashire for a few runs :thumbsup:
I managed to take tilly a walk today after nearly a fortnight on the sidelines. Took a few pics to keep you all upto date.


i'm sure it went in here!!

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