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Noose style lead for small puppy

A 'noose' or slip lead is a good training tool for a young puppy?

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Hi all,
This is an old thread, so this may not get noticed, but after loads of reading and thinking I've now pretty much totally gone off the idea of a slip lead, which I was quite tempted by when I put up this post initially. I'm sure they can be used gently and skillfully as 'nudge' rather than a choke, but I'm a beginner and I'm not sure I could do it skillfully enough. Also have been reading a couple of wonderful books by Karen Pryor and Jean Donaldson which have convinced me away from any form of 'correction' approach, however mild. Harness or ordinary lead for us I think :)
Thanks for the update, Hal, and I think you're making the right decision:)

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