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piper's pups

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Well Done Ethel :cheers: ..........I cant believe they are that age already :blink:
Esthermax said:
Well Done Ethel  :cheers: ..........I cant believe they are that age already  :blink:

It goes so quickly .......Scary isn't it :eek: ....Ethel's VERY forward (or mad as we all know) and is now 9 months old and I wanted to get her going before she comes into season :nuke: :sweating: :D .....

Nice one Ethel

:D and Ethel said yes please can she run with Dase this Sunday :huggles:
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yes welldone ethel you looked brilliant :thumbsup:

looked like she had done it a million times best of luck with clearing her hannah im sure she will do fab :thumbsup:
[SIZE=14pt]well done to ethel,the time as flown by :eek: will hopefully be putting oliver through the paces when where back racing :thumbsup: [/SIZE]
Well she did it .....Ethel cleared today :D .........She'll be having some easy trials over the next few months ;)
Well Done Ethel...............Congratulations Hannah & Chris, looking forward to seeing her run :thumbsup:
well done to ethel on clearing :thumbsup: look forward to seeing her run in the near future :huggles:
(w00t) you go girl :thumbsup:

well done, i wish you loads of luck with her hannah :cheers: :luck: :luck:
:cheers: all ...She ran great again this week ....Though I now realise why I didn't go for white ones (w00t) Ethelly theely bad goes in very hard on the lure and is white no more :lol:
Strike Whippets said:
:cheers:   all ...She ran great again this week ....Though I now realise why I didn't go for white ones  (w00t) Ethelly theely bad goes in very hard on the lure and is white no more  :lol:

i too know that :lol: and sympathise with you (w00t)

met another brother of theirs today...jet.. hes a lovely boy a little taller than oliver but just as giddy :wub: :huggles:
Well done Hannah and Chris with Ethel clearing her trials :cheers: wish you loads of :luck: with her :D Thats why you should of stuck with dark coloured ones they don't show up the muck as much lol :lol:
Congratulations :cheers: Way to go Ethel :thumbsup:

Can't wait to see her run Hannah :D You must be feeling very proud :D I hope she had a nice treat for her tea :wub: We wish you all the best with her future racing! :thumbsup:
Only just read this well done to Ethel even though they are white they clean up a treat.

Well done to Oliver passing today he ran really well and will give Trish and graham loads of fun. :thumbsup:
A big well done to all the pup,s and good :luck: with them this is the start of thing,s to come :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Chris x
over the moon with oliver,where so proud of him clearing today :huggles:

just got to think of a race name now :sweating: well one we agree on :- "

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