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Poor Tess lame on one side

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OEH said:
Oh and he said one other thing.  If the back was any worse he would bolt the affected vertebrae together,  and he suspects that by the time she is 5 or 6 he will probably have to  do this.

:( :(
Well whilst the outcome isn't crash hot ... at least you know what the problem is now and how to manage it. Poor Tess, but she should adjust to her new exercise regime in time.
That real sad news :( , But like Lana said at least you know what the problem is now and can try to manage it. :luck: Lots of love to poor Tess :huggles:
Well, Tessy's off to the hydrotherapy pool this afternoon for her first swimming lesson :( . I'm going to take my camera with me, but I'm not sure I'll be able to take pics this time but if we'll be going 3 times a week...........
Hope Tess enjoys her hydratherapy. The pool we used while Leia was recovering from her ops was great,they'd had quite a few whippets there and they all enjoyed it apparently. Leia (lurcher) certainly did.

I hope it s a good hydro pool, (ie where they get into the water with the dog, not just hook her to the middle and let her exhaust herself). I found it realy hard to find one where they would be in the water with Leia - ofcourse it had to be the one furthest away!

Looking forward to seeing the photos :)
Well it seemed like a great place. They got in with her at first and held her till she got her confidence, but being a cheeky little madam she quite soon realised that if someone was holding her she didn't deed to swim, so the girl got out. We then played with her for about twenty minutes callling her up and down the pool and playing with squeeky toys. Next time they'll turn the jets on and take her life jacket off.

No photos this time as I was concentrating on encouraging her, but we're going again on Thurs.

She's completely flat out now though -_- -_- -_-
What a wonderful dog Tess is, she has taken everything so well. I have my fingers firmly crossed for her and for you.

I have just had 3 weeks trying to keep Sky, my 6 month old steady with a broken toe - it isn't easy. I gave her a Kong and a whopping big marrow bone - and just hoped that she wouldn't drop it on her toe!! :oops:

Looking forward to seeing the swimming pics.
Sounds like she's taken to it quite well :thumbsup: Goodluck for the next one. :luck:
Tess and Nana have been to the swimming pool again.


When Nana went in Tess got really worried and flew to her and licker her face and tried to grab her neck to pull her out, but soon realised that everything was ok and pottered around exploring.

Nana getting good (but still with a life jacket)


awwww,bless,Tess really does look like shes checking that Nanas ok in the water! :wub:
Great pictures :thumbsup: I would love a look around in one of those hydro pools - the dogs look like they really enjoy it :thumbsup: Ive seen a horsey one at a racing stable - wonder if they let dogs go into those too.
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Looks like fun.

The pic of Tess getting all worried over Nana in the water is so sweet :huggles:
Back to the vet again this moring :(

She went really lame last night and her leg swelled up.

APparently one of the things the vet noticed on the x-ray before was periostitis down the back of her leg, and she has aggravated this in some way (probably whacked it on the side of the pool when getting in or out :(

Anyway she's on antinflamatories and 10 min walks twice a day and NOTHING active of 10 days (not even any swimming).

For the first time she seems really miserable :'( poor baby. Lots of cuddles and treats.
Poor Nana. I hope she cheers up soon. :luck: :luck:

Tess looks such a sweetheart :wub:

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