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Poor Tess lame on one side

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Poor nana - Get Well poor girl - sending more :huggles: and :luck: :luck: for you today.
Well Tess is feeling MUCH better :D

We've been doing lots of swimming and road work and she's getting very fit and sound again. She's not been lame for ages and is feeling full of beans :teehee:



and Nana is quite well too :D


:cheers: :wub: Good to hear Tess is alot better. :wub: :cheers:

:thumbsup: Smashing photos

Look at them all waiting in line to take their turn over the jumps. :lol:
Fantastic news Tess!!! I'm so pleased for you :thumbsup:
Brilliant news. I am so pleased for you. It has been a terrible time for you. Well done. :huggles:
good news, lovely pictures! :thumbsup:
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