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Poor Tess lame on one side

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I dont know why but ive only just come across this topic :blink: So sorry to hear your news :( I dont have any suggestions im afraid but wish you the best of luck at the vets on friday :luck: :luck:
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Oh no :( It's so difficult isn't it, they're both young and want to play so much :eek: :luck:
Poor nana's face says it all in the first picture :( - Good Luck for Friday :luck:
Good luck for Friday, and Tess is very very lucky to have a Nana cushion (w00t) I would love one :wub:
OEH said:
But yesterday I gave in- she so wanted a run and we were with friends, and today she is a little sore again :(   so abviously all that lead work hasn't had a permanent effect.

This is the trouble, when you have a chronic problem a couple of weeks lead walking is not a permanent cure, you will have to work at it and probably do a combination of things. When Ronan had his bad back I had to first take him to the chiropracter (to realign everything), then to the physio (where he had ultrasound on his muscles) and I also put him onto a herbal supplement. I make sure his back is warm at all times and that he is well limbereded up before any activity like showing or lurecoursing. He was never actually lame but his problem manifested itself in the fact that he did not drive straight in his hind movement but would swing the opposite leg forward and when he stood he would stand in a GSD pose. I would think that it took a good 2 years to get him moving properly again and I am still very mindful that the problem could re-occur at any time.
Well, my baby girl is at the vets. I'm to ring at 2. She didn't even flinch when her gave her the premed, an trotted of very happily with her favourite toy- a pheasant.

Good luck :luck: Hope all goes ok, im sure she'll be fine :thumbsup: IIm working later so i'll check up tommorrow-be sure to keep us posted! :huggles:
Well I've just spoken to the receptionist at the vets. Tess has come through the anasthetic well :) and is behaving very well o:) . I'm to go and pick her up at 5. It seems like such a long time :( . She went in at 8.30 you'd have thought she'd be ok before then, but I suppose better safe than sorry. But I do want my little one back.
HI Olivia

Just found this thread - so sorry to hear about Tess's woes. I hope they can find what it is that's ailing her and put her on the right road to recovery soon. Big hugs to her :huggles: ... and Nana, who must be feeling a bit out of sorts too without her playmate - love that pic in your first post.
Well, we've got back from the vets and there really isn't a short explanation so here goes.........

There are two things one is simple, there is a small sliver off the back of the bone that runs down from her hock. The off lead walking has stabilised this and won't cause her any problems now. I was horrified that I hadn't noticed, but he says that this is not surprising as she didn't squeal once from her injections and as she was lame on and off from the other problem it wouldn't have been noticable. (It was however visible on the x-ray from the other vets and they didn't see it :angry: ). SO this problem would have been exacerbating the lameness and is now sorted.

The second is rather complicated. Apparently the joint between lumbar vertebrae 6 and 7 is overly flexible and when she really streches out and bends her back against the curve when running or jumping it is putting pressure on the spinal column. How this happened I really don't know and neither does he, he reckons that it is just an unfortunate conformation fault exacerbated by a fall running at some point.

The solution is a little difficult and supper is ready so I'll tell you more about it later (poor you..........)

ps She's soooooooooooooooooooo happy to be home :wub: o:)
Poor Tess :( ,,glad she is home though :D

Hope all is well in the end :luck:
Dinner over.

Poor Tess very wimpery, doesn't seem to want a cuddle. Seems really hungry- eating like a horse and this quietens her down for a while, but the vet said not to give her too much.

Anyway, he said if she was a show dog he'd recommend that we never let her run off the lead again as this would keep her movement good. However she isn't, she is a pet and all I care is that she is as fit mentally and physically as possible. The recommendation is that we keep her leaping around to the minimum and only let her off the lead for one run per walk for the next six weeks while she undergoes an intensive hydrotherapy course and then re-assess the situation.

He also recommends that we give her an injection every 5 months for a while to suspend her seasons for a while as apparently being on heat losens the ligaments and this will make it more likely that she does serious damage to her back until it has strengthened (which it will hopefully will with time and swimming)
Sending :huggles: :huggles: to Tess - glad shes home from the vets - hope the alternative therapy works well. :thumbsup:
Lots of love to Tess. :wub: Best of luck, like her pheasant toy!!
Sounds like they did a thorough job this time :thumbsup: , no wonder it was difficult to diagnose with 2 separate problems. Such a shame though, she does seem to enjoy running, perhaps she'll enjoy swimming (maybe start a new whippet sport, duck coursing?)

Hope she gets over the trip to the vet soon, she'll probably be a bit cross with you for abandoning her there for a bit, I know the cat was very grumpy for a couple of days after her day of tests. (Hopefully Tess didn't bite the nurse like someone did either :- " :b )

:luck: :luck: :luck: :luck:
Oh and he said one other thing. If the back was any worse he would bolt the affected vertebrae together, and he suspects that by the time she is 5 or 6 he will probably have to do this.

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