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Rch/nch Viv's Quest X Connor's Lass

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Jessica is just TOOOO cute :( .

"Hello Dee"

Hi there love the photos

they are looking nice now and doing you proud with their racing

when you look at them you can see who their Daddy is

its Sams Double

hope she can race as well as him

good luck with them
They are looking lovely , very racey type whippet is what i call them :teehee:

best of luck with them both
Recieved some bad news today - sadly Tom (Connor's Bluemoon) badly broke one of his back legs last night whilst in the garden. It is a bad break, he has broken both tib and fib and has had to have the leg pinned.

Spoke to Deborah on the phone this afternoon, they are all understandably very upset but the vet has told them that the pinning was successful and provided Tom has complete rest the leg should heal well.

As to whether he will race again ... that is in the lap of the gods.

:huggles: Best of Luck to Tom and family.
Oh No :(

Poor Jimmy has no luck bless him

Hope Tom is better soon :luck: :luck: xx
:( awful news poor tom hope hes on the mend soon :luck:
Poor Jimmy is has had a lot of bad luck

hope Tom heals soon

a lot of rest and T L C and he will be ok
lovely trophies well done to talli many more to come eh? ;)
Connor's Lass is to be mated on her next season (I hope :- " )
What've you narrowed you're choice of stud down to though? :- "
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top honcho :oops: sorry thats a greyhound. what ever you put her to i am sure you get some good pups :luck: :luck: :thumbsup:
Well you know Kerri she has to have her first choice, her reserve choice and her "if all else fails" choice lol :)

Stud dog is advised to wear ear protection !!!
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And not a fortnight later Connor's Lass has come into season - how's that for timing. :)

Have one choice already down which has been informed so he is hopefully whipping himself into a frenzy in anticipation :b .

2nd choice tbc :- "

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