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Rch/nch Viv's Quest X Connor's Lass

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call yourself adults, this has spoilt the thread if you dont like it ,dont read it. I love keeping up to date with pups, I think this has spoilt fleesh's thread and the posts going off topic should be deleted.
get writing elise, cos i like reading about pups progress. :D :thumbsup:
Hope she dont fall out of her bra fleesh LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: (w00t) (w00t) (w00t)

Tom is fine after his op thanks.The operation was the easier of the two possible.His testicles were stuck near his penis and not in his abdomen,which meant it was a much easier operation to perform.

Here's Tom relaxing a few minutes ago :)

Glad to hear Tom is feeling well. He certainly looks relaxed. :huggles:

Before you know it he will be able to "stretch out" that back end and get back to what he loves best (after eating of course). :lol:
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Here's his Mum and Sisters also chilling out, and "Auntie" Blaze not wanting to be left out.

I will try and get a picture of Tango tomorrow, possibly a shot of one or more of them running if my phone is up to it that is ...

Also if anyone is interested I edited this twice ad the edit line hasn't come up ... :- "


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Just bumping up for Rose O'Brien to see (Pathfinder) :b .
Is that what your mum calls her bra now fleesh??????pathfinder????used to be trail blazer lol<<<<<<steve (w00t) (w00t) :- " :- " (w00t) (w00t) :rant: :rant:
You'll notice Mr. Boyd that we did not dignify your last post with a response :- " .


Here's hoping you have a safe and injury free (Tom :- " ) year in 2006 and earn some well deserved points for your Mummy and Daddy !!!

Happy Birthday Babies xXx love from Mummy Kerri :huggles: .
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Saw your 2 bitchs on sunday they look really nice ...think fawn one (my pick :D ) is the best

maybe some updated pics of them both :thumbsup:
Pictures to follow shortly :D .

I will tell Jessica what you think of her Dee it will make a refreshing change to what she gets called at home :- " .

I still aim to get a picture of Tango I only have one from when he was about 14 weeks old but I'm sure Jimmy Dunn will oblige us with a new one of Tom :lol: . Can't wait to see Tom on Sunday at Westhoughton I have heard some good reports about him, the proof of the pudding is in the eating - can't wait to see him run :huggles: .
Not wanting to be left out - here's some with the rest of the "family" ...

... Mummy the beam walker ...



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