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Saucy Madam

Mark Roberts

The Ringmaster
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Hi All,

The 1 and only Mr Lamping Man is having trouble posting pictures so i've offord to post them forhim.

Heres a pic of the one and only Saucy Madam when she had 3 weeks to go, she now only has around 1 week left so i'll post puppy pics for him (and you rough lot) as soon as I recieve them from him.

[SIZE=14pt]Saucy Madam[/SIZE]

She's a very nice bitch when you see her in the flesh Vicky,

The Sire of her pups is Whats Behind The Masque I only ever saw him course once (as he then broke a leg while out training I beleave) but he was a very strong dog with bags of stamina and good looking as well. (best dog i've ever seen behind a hare)

These pups could be very special.
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What a star you are Mark. Thanks for showing my girl to the world! In case anyones interested, the beast in the box behind the Madam is Annie. She's a cocker spaniel but its not her fault! And on the other side you may be able to see a black shape with eyes glinting, thats Jimmy. he's a cocker as well. Some dogs have got to be cockers you know.

Forever cock a hoop

Lampingman :D :D :D :D :D
Great looking Madam :D

Fingers crossed for a smooth arrival for the little terrors :luck: Look forward to seeing the pictures
Lovely looking little girl, even in her delicate state :wub: Our new puppy is much the same colour im pleased to say :D
good luck with your puppies lamping man, saucy madam looks really nice :luck: :luck:

Just a musing but do the coursing people ever use racing stud's? or dont they have enough stamina?
I personaly think some Racing studs would be an asset to some coursing lines just as there are coursing dogs that could be used in race lines.

i'll say 5 pups.

Brindle, Brindle/White, Fawn/White.

3 bitch's 2 dogs.
Shes a lovely girl - Good Luck with your pups. :thumbsup: :luck:

sorry but I do like the cockers too - we used to have a red cocker when I lived with parents.
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Wouldn't like to speculate upon how many pups the Madam might have. I will say though that the camera will be ready to record all the action and with Mark's help ( especially as he has volunteered to cancel his trip to the east this Saturday) you will all be the first to see the pics.

Cloud 9 looms ever nearer for

Lampingman :) ;) :cheers:
( especially as he has volunteered to cancel his trip to the east this Saturday)
Yeh right!, but might have to call in, Get the Kettle on :p
How old is your pot belly pig, and have you got names for the piglets(THIS LITTLE PIG WENT TO MARKET) ha! ha! ,see you sat ,All the best Corky :oops:
Heres a pic of Saucy Madam relaxing before the big day (sorry for the wait Chris I had a few small computer problems yesterday?)
Just an update. Saucey Madam(her ordinary name is MOSS ) just gets bigger and bigger ok. She eats like a hog, best supermarket minced lamb, chicken wings and drumsticks she wants for nothing. I've put a portable bed in the boiler room next to the whelping box so I will be there if she starts during the night. I've explained to her that she must not start on Sat' during the day as I am going coursing and I think she has agreed to that :D . Champagne in the fridge, all the usual stuff. Love you all!!

Always in control

Lampingman :) :D :) :cheers:

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