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Saucy Madam

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Spry got not only her first watch and learn session today Chris but also a little chase of the lure which she did in style legs flying every which way :lol: , but she chased it never the less :thumbsup: come september she'll be a pro :wub:
Exellent news Lesley on Spry. Bet you were thrilled. Well done to her and to you !


Reply to you later Tony :thumbsup:
Evening all :thumbsup:

ZORRO will be out tomorrow for his first watch and learn. He has been overshadowed by his sister Spry who watched and chased last weekend.The proper order of things will be established soon with pictures, so keep watching. We'll be using my own 150M track. ZORRO will be in a cage to start with to watch the others. Shouldn't take him long to pick it up!! Are you watching Lesley?

Further horizons beckon

I'm always watching Chris like to know what the family is doing :thumbsup:

Zorro's first taste,mum will show him how to go on :thumbsup:

First you have to watch carefully

:wub: :thumbsup: Lesley they are brilliant pictures of Zorro - hes a little star. :thumbsup:

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