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Saucy Madam

Gosh they are growing fast - are you sure thats the same pups (w00t)

They are lovely Lesley - Lucky girl you are - I do like the one with the blaze after Spry .... of course. :wub: :wub: :wub: :thumbsup:

Lampy what a fine job youve done. :thumbsup: :cheers:
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:wub: :wub: bed 1 boys bed 2 girls fri25thFeb001.jpg
Moss going to her pups to let them have a taste of her chicken wings :huggles: she is such a good mum :wub:

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Greetings to all coursers. Just an update on Saucey Madam. She was lure coursing yesterday with E A W C C . The weather was splendid and she coursed twice as she continues her transition from nursing mum to super fast speed machine. The first course she won in spectacular style , her second attempt though was only average. She'll be there again next Saturday for more of the same, accompanied this time by her son ZORRO (Fire Blade) who will be there to watch and learn. We now have a further member of the permanent pack in Bramble a brindle bitch from the Madam's litter who was homed but returned to us due to unforseen circumstances and will stay for good. Good times ahead!!

His light burns ever bright

Lamping man :lol:
:cheers: [SIZE=14pt]Well done Mum [/SIZE] :cheers: luv Spry :wub:

Permanent (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) you best get back to building that shed then Chris :lol:
:cheers: :cheers: [SIZE=21pt]Well Done Saucy Madam [/SIZE]- You Good Girl.

Speed Machine eh?? :cheers: :thumbsup:
Back together Zorro and Bramble :huggles:

Bramble with mum, not sure if Moss is a little unimpressed there Chris :lol:

hi chris,they are too wicked little whippies. tony
*Lesley* said:
Bramble with mum, not sure if Moss is a little unimpressed there Chris :lol:

Ooh, that's the one I wanted! :wub: :wub: :wub: If you ever change your minds about keeping her...

Lovely :thumbsup:

Good evening to all coursers and those who used to be. A ZORRO update if I may. The boy is now through his 2 week post vaccination period. His first outing will be this Saturday at the EAWCC lure coursing event. He'll be a spectator and will hopefully see the spectacular speed of his mother, the great Saucey Madam, as a first step on his learning curve. Photos to follow!! :D

That ever adaptable lure courser

Lamping man :cheers:
Hello everyone. Another great day out yesterday lure coursing with EAWCC. a 750 yard course really tested the dogs. It was ,though, very cold so I therefore left ZORRO at home in the warm his first watch and learn session will have to be delayed. Plenty to look forward to with him and his sister and the other 3. Roll on next September when we start again in earnest!

Best wishes

Lampingman :cheers:
hi chris, is it bussines as usual next season, ?? tony

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