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It does doesn't it but it's just the colour of the plastic!

I was just thinking we need more pictures of Jimmy @arealhuman :rolleyes:
Sir Jimbo Jenkins Jiminybobs of Jimshire....

Looking for pesky birds:

Rummaging on a hotel bed:

On guard. Looking for pesky birds - again - will bark very loudly when I see them or the neighbourhood cat:

At work, making sure work gets done and time isn't spent on the dog forum:

Did someone say food?
Sir Jimbo Jenkins Jiminybobs of Jimshire.... - LOVE this!

Thanks @arealhuman - Jimmy is such a cutie :)
Couldn't resist this one off Marley really dont know what hes doing lol
And the one off Oliver was taken at Halloween, we went on a walk and he found the hat he's got he wouldn't put it down i ended up putting it through the washing machine!
Great boys!

Oliver obviously believes green is his colour! :p
Oh look at the size of them x such little cuties :) they're all beautiful! I'd want to keep them all!
Oh look at the size of them x such little cuties :) they're all beautiful! I'd want to keep them all!
we are keeping Doris xxx i'll probably cry when they have to go but they are going to friends and family
Doris is beautiful. It must be hard parting with them but at least you'll know they're going to loving homes
@Oliver is a big Liverpool supporter and seeing as they've just beaten Man City I thought I'd post this photo I remembered I had of Den showing his support!
* It's from a few years ago - not so many greys back then! *


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