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She says, ‘Mum, who needs a flip flop in this weather!!’
fudge :)
fudgey bum.JPG
Oh @arealhuman / how strange!

It’s a sign that says:

Want to start Yoga?

Start by bending down and picking up your dog poo!

It’s known as the downward dog!
Got it. I can see it now for some reason :confused: We could do with a load of those signs round here :mad:
these two :rolleyes::rolleyes: Hope Marley's feeling better today
these two :rolleyes::rolleyes: Hope Marley's feeling better today
He is thank you :) but hes not going to be too happy with me as we have an appointment with my own vet this afternoon :eek:
Uh Oh you're not going to be in his good books! :eek:
Yep my husband had just said the same thing!
Maybe make your husband take him so he's the bad cop...... :p

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