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Contest Share a picture of your dog with us! (win prize)

I can try again another time... when does this contest finish?
It must be easy if she is in her bed with her babies, there is no need to force her out.
Black dog pictures, I know the feeling !! What a good job our cameras are digital these days and we can delete what is no good.
Olive was on a walk...
Raise the lamp a little so that the puppies are warm but so that mum does not find it too hot herself.
That's a shame :-( Could you do something like @Caro Perry mentioned? just behind her?

I'll try but don't say I didn't warn you LOL! Lady is a VERY fussy doggie, she even has to have a couch cushion up on the sofa for her to sit on because she believes she's a princess, hahaha.
And everything we eat, Lady has to eat too but I will definitely try and persuade her, I think Lady's doggy treats might distract her, we call them "scoobys".

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