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there was no need for you to get so uptight jaz (oops a typo, the z is next to the x
My dear girl , I am not the one who has got so uptight !! :b

Do you not realise this by now, that the only one making a fool of herself is you :))

I was always told that people who use bad lanquage just had a poor command of English and should be pitied at all times ;)

and respect has to be earned , the way you `go off on one ` you will never get the respect of the peps on this board no matter how old you are :x

Rubywhip just plucked and clipped whiskas ready for Barcelona !! .

I`m wrinkle free !! :blink: you should know that its OH who has my share :- "
Why don't we ask Nigel for a new forum...

"Skinny brainless bints with mouths like sewers" :D

Maybe we could get Bizzybabe to moderate ? :b

but there again it may be better off on ? :- "
So glad you put that one on Scott :eek:

I wouldnt have dared :b , you sure made me laugh :D :D

:D :D Perhaps if B B laughed and chilled out a bit more who knows she might be NICE PERSON ,


DON`T TAKE EVERYHING SO SERIOUSLY B B . life is short enough as it is . ;)
Goodness minuite whiskers then the next minuite dare you all talk about me when i'm not here (w00t) (w00t) .....and Scott :eek: ......have you been :cheers: ......

I do agree that life is to short Jix .....oopps Jan......oh its here somewhere.......Jax :huggles:
Scott Frodsham said:
Why don't we ask Nigel for a new forum...
"Skinny brainless bints with mouths like sewers"  :D

Maybe we could get Bizzybabe to moderate ?  :b

but there again it may be better off on ?  :- "
:D :D Oh dear,i'm still laughing at that :D :D

Scott,if whit was s**t,you'd be pemanently constipated!!! :p
I was always told that people who use bad lanquage just had a poor command of English and should be pitied at all times 
well that just about sums me up! (shut it Frodsham)

Bizzybabe, You are young and have a lot to learn about dogs, life and dealing with people.

You have proved in the past that you are a very sensible well manered person but for some reason you seem hell bent recently on having a go at 1 or 2 people.

you only have to read back through old post to see that most on this board had respect for you but by your actions you are going to loose that support.

Non of us ever stop learning about life/dogs ect and being older doesn't always mean you are right just that you have seen more things and can some times see the bigger picture, so useing your age as a weapon is not an answer or defence for you behaviour.

Scott,if whit was s**t,you'd be pemanently constipated
That would be a shame as it would stop him talking :oops:
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Bloody Hell!

So speaketh the right honourable MP for Rochdale...Mark Roberts!

Those models get you smoking dope ? :- "
BeeJay I apologize in saying that you don't carein homeless dogs etc.... :huggles:

<My opinion on neutering is that un-neutered dogs don't need to breed. You simply remove the opportunity rather than resort to surgery. None of my entire dogs has ever produced a litter that I didn't intend them to. >


I agree with you that not tempting the the males to the bitches when they in heat, I myself have never had any unwanted litters that have happened from not seperating them. I currently have 3 dogs 2 males 1 female all entire and no problems my bitch is 7 yrs old and has never been (or will be) mated.

As you will know though that alot of people don't do this :( .

Why I chose to trim my whips whiskers is IMO they just look nicer. Yet I don't trim my Dachshunds whiskers in which some peeps do. :)
<I don't remove dewclaws from my whippets, all my dogs have them. In Denmark you can't even do that, it's against the law. And I don't care if everyone else do it, I don't, because it's cruel. I don't see why whippet without them looks any better, they just have suffered more pain when they were babies. I have lure coursed with my whippets and they have never hurt their dewclaws doing that, so I see no point taking them off.>



You don't remove their dew claws in Denmark as it's against the law that is fine, but is that the same for the dew claws on the back feet?

I am just wondering as I think the back dew claws are the more likely to damage the dog then the front dew claws, as they are really just loose and just flap around more then the front dew claws.

Also another question on dew claws for you..... Do you tape the dew claws when you are coursing?
On the rocks ......I think you'll find that Whippets don't have "back feet" dew claws :b .......Thankyou for apologising to Beejay :cheers:
Back dew claws ??

On a Whippet :unsure:

Hmmmm ...

One of my whiskery (ahem) goofy toothed (should I have it ripped out to make her more steamlined ? :oops: ) girlies has both dew claws and is one of a very few Non-Ped racers that have them. So in that case I don't know whether people whose dogs have dew claws tape them up, I don't as the poor lass would run like an idiot with tape round her feet she is so fussy (yet if she has a scrape on her leg/wrist and we put a wrap on it she milks it for all it is worth :blink: )
Typical Whippet (w00t) ......My boy was supposed to be taped due to an old wrist injury, but he ran so :clown: that we gave up ;)
Bizzybabe ....Thank you! We're all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view about whiskers ..i do not think that you should insult people by swearing at them its very immature you know ...Clearly, you have lost your fingertip grip on reality and have descended into an abyss of irreversible lunacy.

In conclusion, as your clue meter is reading zero, lets see if this registers: GROW UP
I was not saying that whippets HAVE back dew claws on their ankles, BUT!! they can get them it not one of those things you see everyday but it does happen. In all breeds..
:- " Maybe we can have a pole on to trim or not to trim..............Only one vote now, & no going to Net-cafes to vote either.

Now, this does not apply to me :- " . But if a whippet had a snippy thin musel with maybe a bit less under-jaw than it should. then triming wiskers would bring attention to this problem. So by leaving them on you can , to use the term, "mask' the problem.

On the other hand, if the head in general was cloddy, taking wiskers off would help smooth out the face.

If the whippet had a plane head the best thing would be to only trim on the show side.

As for me, I have nothing to hid. I leave them on. This is put down to a special factor. It is called the CARE FACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! o:)
Well said Cartman :thumbsup:

On the rocks ......yes some breeds do have back dew claws, but i have still never seen it in a Whippet :blink: sorry :)
Hi Jon,is your namesake Cartman sometimes a bit slow on the uptake ? :D

Poll already in place,but admittedly,aimed more at members than dogs.

On a seperate issue,shame Scott,that you're not as drop dead gorgeous,as you are witty and funny. :p

Not sure that I ought to say this,when Cartman has deftly changed the topic back to the original question,but,maybe as we are supposedly older and wiser than Bizzybabe,we should stop posting comments,that are aimed at winding her up.Granted,an apology that was genuinely felt,and made to Jax would be polite and nice.But us all,purposely picking on Bizzybabe, is not,imo,improving relations between board members.

Can we all agree to disagree on this one,and carry on our happy little forum ? :cheers:

Last edited by a moderator:
I had a whippet with dew claws on hind legs. From what I can recall it was mid 70's. & from very old Australian lines. This was befor many many English dogs were here. Only on 1 dog. & I can not remember them on any others since.

(back in the days when we were black & white & all whippets were either fawn or red.

Now the problem is, should I of posted this here. We may need a new topic. So do we need a poll?
:oops: i was only a babe in the 70's ....which would explain why i haven't seen a Whippet with back dew claws :eek: ......have i offended anyone yet ??

Ask the girls they are good at polls and i think that we are teetering on the edge of poll-dom :cheers:

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