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Zorro Injured


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Hello everyone. The Born To Run kennel is I fear jinxed. We went racing with 2 lurchers and 2 whippets this morning, leaving ZORRO , Moss and Henrietta at home to collect them a little later. We arrived home to find Zorro with a big gash on his side which needed the vet and stitches. He's back home now and has to take it very easy for 10 days. He is now our third dog in 3 weeks to need a trip to the vet :( Here is a picture of his wound :thumbsup:

Get Well Zorro... :luck: :luck: Its strange isnt it....Oscar got a wound last year when my two were left in the house... (w00t) what on earth do these whippets do.?? hope it heals well.. :thumbsup:
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:( aww poor baby ,get well soon zorro :huggles: :huggles: :luck:
Ouch :( So sorry to hear that Lampy, and I'm sending best wishes for a speedy recovery to Zorro :luck: :huggles: :luck:

:eek: OMG Poor Zorro :( How the hell did he manage that?? Hope he heals soon :thumbsup:
ouch - thats a sore one!

..... :wub: :wub: crying out for some aloe vera jelly .....
Poor Zorro get well soon :huggles: :luck: :luck: :luck:
Oh dear, poor Zorro :( Hope it heals quickly :luck: :huggles: :luck:
oh poor zorro,hope he heals quickly :huggles: and hope your luck starts changing :luck:
Ouch, that's a fair rip in the little chap's skin :eek: Poor Zorro :(

Hope he heals up well :luck: :thumbsup:

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