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moriarte said:
Strike Whippets said:
Heres Reggie, Tink and Fleet 
The boys are so handsome :wub: and tiny Tink :wub: Small but perfectly formed. Did you keep three in the end? (sorry, should know really :oops: )

Lucas is lovely too - I love the wrinkly face, Gelert had a very wrinkly forehead when he was that age too, I don't think it can have been from worrying though -_- :lol:

No only kept just the 2 :lol: .........Fleet went to a lovely couple who run at our club :D
Heres Oddy yesterday evening having a run around................ or giving us the run around :lol: it looks like theres a bit of a curly tail thing going on :blink:




I Love you Dad :D


Off home for Tea :)

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He's looking great Cheryl :wub: .........and what fantastic condition hes in (as is Meadow and Esther :thumbsup: ) ..........Oddy can join his Aunty Conkers curly tail club (well thats if he at least speaks to her :p ) ............
:D Im sure he will speak to her, because hes gone from Snobby to Gobby :lol:
Lovely to meet your two little babes :wub: again today Hannah, think that Tink is adorable and a heart of a lion in that little body.
Heres what Oddy's looking like at nearly 7 months old 8) A Total Doggy Hunk 8)


Hi mum, just to let you know ive passed for racing today 8) My human Mum & Dad are very proud of me :wub: :huggles: Heres a lovely photo of me, taken today looking a bit gorgeous 8)


Inca says shes VERY proud of her Odd Bod :wub: .....And what a gorgeous lad hes turned into :* .....Not that we are biased or anything :D ......You go Oddy :huggles: ....Thanks to You and Gaz as well :cheers: ......What a boy ;)
Well done Oddy :thumbsup: You handsome boy :wub:

Just love his collar Cheryl :thumbsup:
Supe says well done to his bro Oddy :wub:

He's the first one to clear is he? He looks very grown up and handsome. :cheers:
:cheers: Oddy's a very very clever boy :cheers:

So pleased for Cheryl & Gary! :thumbsup:
Well done Oddy :cheers: Love the collar, I think Wilf has the same one :p
Esthermax said:
Hi mum, just to let you know ive passed for racing today  8)   My human Mum & Dad are very proud of me  :wub:   :huggles: Heres a lovely photo of me, taken today looking a bit gorgeous  8)


Well done - looking forward to seeing pics of the racing. :) :cheers:
:D A big well done he ran like a belter :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Not only did oddy run well he's a sweetie. :wub: ...well done Gary and Cheryl....I bet he's spoilt rotten. :huggles:

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