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I wouldn't say i agree with neutering but i dont judge people for having it done, at the end of the day it's their choice, if the dog is loved to bits and has the best possible life but is speyed then so be it!

Then again i have strong beliefs about people breeding ridiculous amounts of litters and i see red about that - so i can understand how Jax went :rant: lol
IMO - nobody was jumped on for their beliefs, but for the manner in which they went about stating their opinion. Everyone has the right to an opinion, but there's a time and a place.

I agree that we should have some pics. I for one don't know Bolognese as a breed at all and would love to see Megan "in the flesh" :D
Hope the dogs in question are making a Good Recovery and Good Luck :luck: :cheers:
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Thanks Megan is a lot better this morning. She has had a full portion of Coley and a bit scone! I'll give her some scrambled egg with grated cheese shortly and resume back to her JWB biscuits either tonight or tomorrow. She done a wee last night in the garden and around 11am this morning I carried her up to the grassy area where she usually goes and she done both and then I let her walk back, only a few mins walk. The only problem I am having is trying to make her stop jumping on the couch, she has done it three times so I am now having to put her in the crate even if I go into kitchen to make a cup of tea. The sofa was not too comfortable as I had three cats also sharing it. So my space was rather limited! Megan stayed in her soft bed in her crate, thought she would whine but never. Might try taking crate upstairs tonight and if she whines I shall have to come downstairs on the sofa again as the neighbour would go balistic if he was to hear her through the night! I shall try posting some pics later. I already have on an other thread here.

Hope Annie's night went well and you got the sticky dressing off ok Mazza, without too much discomfort


Oh! She's so cute :wub: I love her little bed, too. I bet if she gets tired you can just pick her up and pop her in your handbag :huggles:
Thanks Helen,

She is teeny weeny

Here she is with Bailey, she adores him

She needs a bath in that last one. She had just been a walk in the woods.
Lovely pictures Kirsty - :huggles: for her recovery. :luck: :luck: your cat is just gorgeous too :wub: :wub:
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:wub: aww she is so tiny , looks like a bundle of fun, glad she got over her op. on the road to recovery now :luck: :luck:
o:) o:) o:) Little Megan is gorgeous. :wub: :wub: :wub: So pleased to hear she is recovering well from her op. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Thanks everyone,

She is a real sweetie. She won't get any bigger than she is.

still would like a blue whippet one day though. I saw a gorgeous puppy whippet when I went down the road this morning. It was a really unusual colour, white with patches of fawny, blue, cream. Sorry I know that sounded a strange description :- "

the pics of Megan are lovely, she's so cute. :wub:

Glad she's perkier today and recovering well.

Had a good night with Annie, she normally sleeps on our bed but put her fleecy bed on the floor next to ours and she slept like a baby all night. She is so much brighter today, whippy kisses from her first thing this morning.

I'm having to be careful she does'nt try to run upstairs or do any leaping about. She had no appetite last evening but she is eating today. Don't know if this is normal after an op but Methane Annie has got terrible wind at the moment. :x

Got a call from my Vet this morning, she wanted to make sure everything was ok before she went away on holiday, thought this was very good of her but then she is such a nice person.

Managed to get the plaster off, boy i was glad when that was over, it was stuck really well, I'm sure as I gently lifted it away it took her hairs out, must have been painful as shes pretty tender in that area anyway, but she was so good, a few wimpers now and again to tell us to ease up. Her wound looks good, nice and dry, 7 stitches which have to be counted each day.

Won't be long before their both back to their old self. :huggles:
Thanks for the pic . just love that `persian ? too . My sister breeds the odd litter of Persian colourpoints :wub:

Pleased both girls are doing well :luck:
Hi Mazza,

So glad Annie is doing well. I bet you were relieved to get the sticky pad off her and over with. I would have dreaded that bit :( That was really nice of your vet to call you. Not noticed Megan being windy but she seems to be a bit consipated though. Would love to see a pic of Annie if you have any?

Hi Jax,

Persian colourpoints are lovely. I have a pure black Persian called Chime he is soooo pretty. The cat in the pic beside Megan is A Ragdoll.


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