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Ticks****** Shudders******

Ohh gosh you would not like living in Sweden girls and boys... my mums golden were covered in ticked every walk in the summer.

They have a special tool to pick them off, its like a tweezer that when you pull the "fork" out and grab the tick, and then let go around the body you have to twist it around, it lets go then, the head can drop and get stuck inside the skin and get inflammation, and also if the tick is affected, the dog can actually die of them.

I would get the tool and pick them off as soon as you see it.. and spray them with frontline.
OH MY GOD! I never realised they could be so small, i thought they were obvious when your dog had them!

I am going to check him over thoroughly tonight ad he has lots of moles and one could really be a tick!

:unsure: :'( :sweating: :x

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