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Whippet 400yds Uphill Lure Meeting

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What a great day we had today, the place was beautiful as was the weather 8) Well Done all the dogs, Greyhounds & Whippets :thumbsup: Already looking forward to the next one :cheers: ..........great pic's Mark :thumbsup:
Well my friends. What a day :) Just got home and haven't stopped smiling yet. Firstly I would like to thank the following:

The Yorkshire Greyhound Club



All the members

for being so welcoming to fellow runners from East Anglian Whippet Country Club.Diane and I were overwhelmed by the friendliness of these good people.

I say, my Henrietta won the main, another feather in the cap for East Anglian Whippet Country Club and the runner up from the Northern Whippet Racing Club. How good is that?? :)

Can I also say a big well done to all Henrietta's oponents today who competed excellently and to Mr and Mrs Coulburn whose very good dog Strikes Oddly Surprising, ran Henrietta to a close finish.

My dogs have had an excellent work out to take them forward to the Bob Blatch Trophy on 1 March 2008.

Thanks everyone for your good wishes. I'll have loads of pics tomorrow.
congratulations lampy ,diane and not forgetting henrietta way to go girl,and congratulations gary and cheryl on runners up.well done to you both :thumbsup:glad you got a real yorkshire welcome, :cheers:
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what a great day :cheers: the weather couldn't have been more perfect, no wonder the hares are all up and boxing already.

i'm just so darn pleased with the boys today, despite Otis not having had a proper run for 4 months since his op to fix his leg he gave it all he had,he just didn't have that 3rd race left in him, bless him. can't wait to get him to the lure coursing in a fortnight.

Oto as usual makes his mummy proud every time he runs :wub: the old black lad can do no wrong in my eye's, he even gave youth a run for it's money today :D

lovely company as usual, big well done to everyone who organised this :thumbsup:

:D a jolly good show :D day say in dem parts
wow what a day i missed :(

well done chris and diane and henrietta!!! :cheers:

well done all winners runner ups and all runners!!! , esp young mr keiran roberts , bet that lad was grinning from ear to ear , great to see the young ones involved so heavily , they are the future of our sport :thumbsup:

cant wait til the 23rd then 1st march :)

well done again all , some had very long journeys but seemed worth it!!! :)
[SIZE=14pt]congratulations [/SIZE]chris and diane with the lovely henrietta :wub: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: she certainly did you proud :) :cheers:

also [SIZE=14pt]congratulations[/SIZE] to cheryl and gary on coming runner ups :cheers:
Well done everybody on a good day, I'm proud of my two for giving it their best as always :huggles:

Well done Henrietta and Bella and also the runners up :cheers:

Great pics :thumbsup:
Well done Everyone... :cheers:

enjoyed the pictures again... :thumbsup:
Mark Roberts said:
Well done Henrietta and Bella and also the runners up
Have you not missed a winner out Lesley?

Very sorry yes I did totally unintentional, :huggles: I'm not feeling very well :oops:

:cheers: [SIZE=21pt]WELL DONE MAX & KIEREN[/SIZE] :cheers:
Have removed some bickering type posts as they break board rules and which could cause the thread to be closed. If you want to have a go at each other please don't use K9 to do it. Thank you.
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Kieren & Max with the Quintessance Trophy for stake 2.

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Hi everyone.

In case you would like to read some thoughts on yesterdays sport, you can access my blog spot by clicking below. Nothing on as yet, but watch for it :thumbsup:
I do hope this thread isn't going to be spoilt by childishness :rolleyes: .......

Well done Kieren and the lovely Max :huggles: ......That is a gorgeous trophy to win ......If I was you I'd hide it though as I think your mum was a tad green with envy :shifty: :lol:
Great day

Great fun

Great photos

Mind you I mean of the whippies not some of the unflattering ones youve put on of me!!!! :b
There was some tittle tattle about the young lad who was being trained by Aaaron yesterday

I thought the young lad did a marvelous job.its great to see a young lad showing great passion and such enthusiasm to take on such an important task.

The lad has to learn somewhere and should be commended an encouraged to do so,

if your dog is good enough it will prove itself in the run regardless on how it is slipped.

lets have more young talent wanting to get involved with this wonderful sport.

At the end of the day if the dogs had a voice they would keep this sport going for ever,unfortunately certain owners always seem to take it upon themselves to cause unrest which is very unnecessary and childish,YOU are going to be the demise of this sport not the dogs.

Let's let the dogs do the talking on the track please.


Big Sean
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