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  1. J


    Hey guys, I've decided to join here to get tips and tricks and how to raise my dog better. I think it's important to always look for new methods, techniques and tips from others to see what I can improve on! I've based my training methods on Zac George and his reward thinking based technique...
  2. H

    Hydrocephalus/special needs/mentally challenged Papillon house training

    Hi everyone! I have a 1 year old male papillon puppy. He has always been very different ever since he was a puppy and we have grown to believe that he has mild hydrocephalus. The vet said it would be very expensive confirming this, and there isn't much they can do, so just to treat him as a...
  3. Heather and Dotty Dog

    Lurching lurcher!

    Hi everyone! :) Nearly 3 weeks ago I rescued a 6 month old lurcher puppy from Spain. She has a wonderful temperament, very friendly and happy and we have been working hard on her house training and obedience training, which is going well. The thing I am really stuck with is walkies. I kept...
  4. Drift's Owner

    Collar Leads vs. Harness Leads For Training Large Dog

    Hi, our small to medium rescue dog is growing beyond medium and as a little girl in the park said the other day: 'Hello massive dog' :) Drift's training is going pretty well considering his stray background and puppy age (depending on which park punter/expert, vet, dentist, TV talk show host...
  5. Donna1001

    How to stop my dog jumping on dining table

    Hello everyone. Wonder if anyone can help with my little problem, please? I have 2 dogs, sisters from the same litter. They are 2 years old & a mix of 3 different breeds. One of them keeps jumping on the dining table. I don’t know how to make her stop as she only does it when we’re not in. She...
  6. L

    Urgent help

    My dog is 7 months old and its getting to the point where my house mate is saying we have to get rid of her. If she is left alone for even 1 minute you return to the room and everything is site is chewed up, including the walls, skirting boards, absolutely anything in sight. She has a 40 minute...
  7. OliviaS

    My dog only loves food

    We adopted our Alaskan Malamute/husky (alusky) last summer. He has gone through 7 families before and I think I'm starting to see why. He literally only cares about food. He only comes to us to socialise when there is food on the table. I have had a husky before and he was rescued by me and...
  8. Abbie.xo

    Very Demanding on the lead! - How to stop a dog pulling on the lead?

    Hi, My dog is from the RSPCA and we don’t know his past, he is quite young (he’s around 2) and he’s is very strong and pulls on the lead, if you walk him round the block your hand will be bruised! Does anyone Know how to train a dog to stop pulling on the lead when he goes for walks? (Btw...
  9. leashedForLife

    new-to-me book: "Decoding Your Dog", 2014, from the Assoc of Vet Behaviorists

    . I received an e-mail from Tufts Univ / "Ur Dog", a newsletter i subscribe to, touting this book, but having not heard of it, i went hunting for more info. [Also, Tufts sells it for $15.95-USA, & i'm pretty sure that's awfully expensive.] I found a wonderful review from the ever-helpful Trish...
  10. D

    Just joined

    Hi I've a rescue terrier who is absolutely adorable. I've had her for four months. Training is going well, with one hurdle, separation anxiety. Which is why I joined. I'd love to hear from anyone who has had a dog and found a solution. I'll give anything a go.
  11. B

    How can we help our dog? cat problem.

    Our dog is a rescue, she's very probably a Presa/Bullmastiff mix. Sorry for the length but this is a complected issue. The issue is the cat refuses to come inside, this problem been made worse by my husband's fear, and thus total separation of the dog and cat from day go, despite me using two...
  12. L

    Toilet training advice - 7 month old

    Hello I’m new to the forum so hope I manage to give enough info to get some advice... My partner and I have a 7-month old French Bulldog. We had him from 8 weeks and he was already paper trained (puppy pads) we straight away worked on the toilet training and he did really well. A few accidents...
  13. sarahemlu


    Charlie is a 7 month old sproodle, he's the most wonderful dog...He's so loving and loyal, his recall off the lead is excellent and he loves to play and learn new tricks and when we are home is very well behaved. He isn't destructive at all when we are home, but when we're out he becomes more...
  14. Crazy Dog Man

    Do you enjoy watching It's Me Or the Dog?

    I love watching it and learning new ways to train a dog. I managed to get Lady to stop attacking the lounge door whenever someone knocks or rings the front door just by using one of Victoria Steelwell's commands (not sure if I spelt her surname correctly). What is your opinion on the series?
  15. Crazy Dog Man

    Which seasons/series of It's Me Or the Dog are aired in the UK?

    I thought I'd ask everyone here as most of the me members here love dogs. Also, my thread about Lady's eating habits was deleted? Edit: I found the thread about Lady's eating habits, lol
  16. Shah

    New (Puzzled/Happy) Dog Owner in need of Help

    Hello! I am a new dog owner and need advice from all you veteran dog owners. So I got a dog, (King Shepherd) who was 2 weeks old at the time i got him (I know that is very young but circumstances forced me to adopt him at this little age). I have always wanted a dog for years now and I finally...