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Coursing With Prize Money

Thanks Lesley - good to know you, and Andy and the dogs, Spry and Kane.

And thank you, Lamping man, for the names on those last few photos - it has been so great you posting so many pics, I didn't mean to put you to more trouble but great to know who is who.

maggie :)
Absolutely brilliant pictures Mr Lampy :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

You have a pm :teehee:

Come on Chris, where are the pics of you and Bramble? Now don't wriggle out of it :- " :lol: Just hope the final one of me didn't break your camera :x :b :lol:

Well done, super photos. Really nice to relive all the moments in pics, some lovely ones of mine, many thanks again.
had to look twice at that last pic of bramble and diane, really thought it was jessie!!! (w00t)
great pics lampy :thumbsup: must say graham looks very worried on that last photo (w00t) was a great day and carnt wait to do it all again :thumbsup:

and Diane and Chris too of course :cheers:
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