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Home For Tess Special Needs Puppy

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just seen this on my terrier site.can anyone offer this little lass a home? :(

Hi, I just joined to post about Tess, a special little dog who needs a loving home. She has been the victim of a hammer to the head which has left her slightly impaired, her 'crime' was weeing on the carpet when she was 6 weeks old.

Please can someone offer this girl a special loving home? I can help with moving her, must be home checked. She is currently in Birmingham but may be moving to temporary foster in Somerset as she is now under threat of put to sleep.
How old is she now? A hammer? I think im gonna be sick, how could someone do that
shes 6 months :(

:rant: This makes me so angry!!! Poor thing :( :luck: Hope Tess finds a loving home soon. :luck:

What problems is she now having. Have they done anything with that heartless f**ker who hurt her
if anyone can offer this baby a home please email for further details. The rescue is Second Chance Rescue aka Animal Allsorts.

i wish i could have her but im afraid razzle would be a little too much for her to cope with.apparently she has short term memory loss so when she wakes up you have to tell her to go outside for wees etc as she forgets poor girl bless her

I guess she's like a child with learning difficulties, she forgets stuff that she's learnt. She is very nervous around dogs and humans for a while but when she bonds she bonds very well.
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:( omg thts awful poor tess :huggles: if i had the space i'd have her :- " but 7 whippets will be too much for her i'm sure
best of luck Kris... :luck: god just how sick are some people who do these sort of things :rant:

shes lovely and deserves a special home.. :huggles:
poor special little girl :( i wish i could help,

some people need a hammer to their heads :angry:

good luck to her, :luck: :luck: :luck: hope this special wee one finds her perfect home
Poor baby,how could anyone hurt her or any living creature :blink:

Good luck hun
I have a friend at work Kris who had a JRT for 17 years & when she lost her she was beside herself & vowed NEVER again it hurt so much.

Many years have elapsed & i know she is starting to think how much company one would be??

I will sound her out tomorrow :thumbsup:
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Oh God, I will just never understand people sometimes, a HAMMER ffs :rant:

I really hope she finds a loving home with someone who'll treasure her. Would it be OK to cross-post this?
She's such a sweet little thing! :wub: :wub: How could anyone do that to any dog let alone a 6 week old baby! :rant: :rant: Hope she find the right home soon! :luck: :luck:
Once again, words totally fail me, how something so beautiful & trusting as a puppy has to endure something as evil and ignorant as this type of human.
poor little thing :wub: she's beautiful :wub:
What evil evil people........and so stupid, does anyone know of a puppy who has never wee'd on a carpet?

I really hope she gets the home she deserves - and I hope those sick gits get their just deserts too
right i think ive got some good news for Tess.a friend of ours who have 2 cats (one brain damaged) saw Tess's appeal which i put on our local site last night and they want her.they have had a brain damaged dog before and so they know what theyre taking on.theyve been looking for a jack russell or staffy for a while now and when they saw Tess last night and what had been done to her it melted their hearts and they are going to try to get ive emailed the rescue and hopefully theyll get a homecheck and will be able to take her.couldnt have wished for a better outcome to this as i know the couple and their little boy and i know Tess will be totally spoilt and be a much loved and adored fingers crossed ill keep you all informed. :)
Wonderful news :huggles:

Glad i read this just before i asked my friend at work :thumbsup:

Keep us all informed :luck: :luck:
Only just seen this and have to say it knocked me sick to think someone had hit a dog with a hammer. :( I wish we could of had her but like you say, Razzle may have been a bit overwhelming for the poor mite. Really pleased she's found a loving home, I wish her many long happy days of enjoyment. :luck: :huggles:
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