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He weighs a whopping 3lb 2oz so i think he might just reach the weight limit. (w00t)
He's looking great Paula & mark a real credit to you both look forward to seeing him run when he's older :luck: :thumbsup:
Aww Paula - hes looking absolutely lovely - I love his colour. :wub: :wub: Can understand why you want to keep him :cheers:
Thanks Janis its really nice when other people say how nice he is i am very biased, only small but hes a real little devil, think hes going to be the same as his mum, shes only 14lbs.
Well the little sod (I mean Little Todd) has reached 6 weeks old, he's now weighing a massive 3lb,7oz So it's looking like he's going to end up around 15-16lb racing weight.

Awwww bless he's such a big boy now :wub: :wub: :wub: and he loves his bezzy mate Keiren :huggles:
Lovely photos two boys having great fun :wub: :wub:

Just been on Parkstone's web site,

[SIZE=21pt]CONGRATZ[/SIZE] to Mark, Paula and New Mum Candy on your gorgeous litter of 7 pup's born just a day short of xmas :wub: :wub:

will they all have xmas names then?? :D

you kept that quiet.......... pic's!!!!! plz!!!!!! :cheers: :cheers:

which one you keeping? they all look stunning and have lovely markings :wub:
Congratulations ............You did keep this quiet .......and yes we definatly need pics ........
Thought so, seen the litter advertised on epupz, good luck in finding nice homes for them :luck:
What a nice surprise.Who are they by. Congratulations. :cheers: Most folk prefer the quieter life at christmas. :D
you know me Sue I love the quiet life LOL :thumbsup:

There by The same sire as Helens dogs off K9.

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